Tuesday, April 06, 2010

What Now?

"If this prologue goes on much longer, it will be 1972."

Anonymous wit, on the previous post.

So, yes, after making a big deal about reviving the site and changing direction, etc., I stop posting again. This is owed to a number of reasons, including lack of inspiration and work-related exhaustion, but primarily it's because Blogger has made it quite clear that this site is getting axed if there's one more music "infraction."

I mean, when they delete Keep the Coffee Coming, of all people, it's a sign that MP3 blogging is really not viable any more, on Blogger at least. It was a good run, really, and it lasted far longer than I expected.

So what now? I'm really not sure. I'd like to keep this place up, if solely as a repository for the old stuff, and I hope to keep doing some early '70s related stuff, possibly as Youtube links, or other things. For now, if you're desperate for my writing and dig Bowie in the slightest, check out my other site.