Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Thomas M. Disch, 1940-2008.

Buffalo Springfield, On the Way Home.
Neil Young, Flying On the Ground Is Wrong (demo).
Buffalo Springfield, Expecting to Fly.

He wanted them, he said, to understand the wonder and glory of flight. There was nothing, he declared, so glorious, no ecstasy so sublime. What was it, he asked rhetorically, to fly? What did it mean? It was the act of love and the vision of God; it was the highest exaltation the soul can reach to; it was, therefore, paradise; and it was as real as the morning or evening star. And anyone who wanted to fly could do so at the price of a song.

The moment one leaves one's body by the power of a song, the lips fall silent, but the song goes on, and so long as one flies the song continues. He hoped, if he were to leave his body tonight, they would remember that. The song does not end.

Thomas M. Disch, On Wings of Song.

RIP. Essential Disch, if interested: The Genocides; Camp Concentration; 334; On Wings of Song.

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