Friday, January 26, 2007


their rockin' homework is what they love the best

Gene Summers and His Rebels, School of Rock 'N Roll.

Where Chuck Berry's "School Day" is a precise sketch of the tedium of a typical American high school, whether it's the Class of 1958 or 2007, Gene Summers' "School of Rock 'N Roll" is pure greaser fantasy, the kind of place where the only use for books is to steady a wobbling amplifier.

Summers was born in Dallas in 1939, and the Rebels (originally called the Dixie Rebels) consisted of Summers' classmates at Arlington State College--James McClung (lead guitar) and Gary Moon (drums)--along with bassist Bonny Williams, a kid who the Rebels liberated from Thomas Jefferson High School.

As awesome as "School of Rock 'N Roll" is, Summers, while sharing the stage with nearly every major rock & roll act during the late 1950s, never had a national hit.

Released c/w "Straight Skirt" in March 1958 as Jan 11-100. On Ultimate School of Rock & Roll.

Happy weekend.

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