Friday, March 07, 2008


George Jones, The Window Up Above.
Jean Shepard, The Root of All Evil (Is a Man).

Irreconcilable differences:

Heard you whisper to him softly,
that our marriage was all wrong.
But I hope he makes you happy
and you will never lose his love,
I lost mine while I was watching (you)
from the window up above.

George Jones' "Window Up Above," which has one of his most god-like vocals, was released in September 1960 as Mercury 71700 c/w "Candy Hearts"; on The Best of George Jones.

They'll tell you that they love you
And will until they die.
But you'll find them out with someone else
before the ink on the license is dry.

Jean Shepard's version of Jeri Jones' glorious diatribe was recorded on 21 March 1960 and released as Capitol 4538 c/w "No One Knows"; on Honky Tonk Heroine.

Top: Joanne Woodward, who's been married for 50 years.

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