Monday, May 05, 2008


Little Milton, So Mean to Me.
June Carter, The Heel.

A session of couples counseling:

He said: you treat me like the dirt down on the ground. How can one woman be so unkind?

Little Milton's "So Mean to Me" was released as Checker 994 c/w "I Need Somebody" (guess things didn't work out); on Greatest Hits.

She said: why must I just sit here and grieve? Why don't I just pack up and leave? That dirty low-down heel.

June Carter's early solo single "The Heel" was released two years before she met Johnny Cash and entered the ring of fire with him. "Heel" is a pretty modern (almost a novelty) record for a Carter Family heiress, with a Wurlitzer organ commenting on the action. Destined to be used in a Tarantino film.

Released as Liberty 55385 c/w "If I Ever See Him Again"; on Keep on the Sunny Side.

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